2019 EFDI 3 Day -Event Sarajevo PRESS RELEASE


The Annual International Conference of the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI)

“Deposit Insurance in Europe – Redrawing the Map”

SARAJEVO, FRIDAY 27 SEPTEMBER 2019. 140 international guests (deposit insurance schemes, central banks, authorities, economists etc.) from Europe and beyond, are attending the EFDI Annual International Conference: “Deposit Insurance in Europe – Redrawing the Map “.

The discussions revolve around 2 main themes:
▪ REGULATORY FRAMEWORK: EU Acquis, Review of the DGSD2 and the implications of the European Court decision on the Italian Banca Terca’s case, which may have long-term consequences on the future applied resolution techniques in the EU.
▪ OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK: New practitioners’ standards to enhance financial stability and to successfully manage crisis, including presentations of the 6 Non-Binding Guidance Papers of EFDI.

Each year, EFDI’s 3 day-event highlights the day-to-day work of the Association’s 70 EFDI Members, who are all key actors in the financial stability mechanism of enlarged Europe. The international association is a unique place for cooperation among Deposit Guarantee Schemes and Investor Compensation Schemes in Europe at large. Members of EFDI – deposit insurers, Investment Compensation Schemes, resolution authorities etc. constantly exchange experiences and views, provide analysis, assessment and recommendations and collectively elaborate views on European and national regulations.

The event is hosted by the Deposit Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (DIA BiH), an active member of EFDI Association.

Kresimir Soljic, DIA BiH Director: “DIA of Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. By being one of the key elements of the financial stability network, we are very much proud that we proved our role and contributed to the financial stability of the country. In the two bank failures we had, we managed to complete reimbursement in 14, and 8 days respectively, which is quite high even for European standards. We are happy that our Anniversary is combined also with the 2019 EFDI AGM and International Conference organized in our country. We believe that the International Conference will kick off different dialogues and discussions which are yet to enhance and improve our future goals and actions.

Thierry Dissaux, EFDI Chairman: “We refuse to get content with our own achievements, we want to constantly improve our standards to better solve financial crises and serve banks’ customers. Comparing our standards, but also our solutions, our processes, our experience – which is what EFDI is made for –, is a way to achieve that goal, a way to emulate one another. It is going to be a rich and fruitful conference organized by our Bosnian colleagues.”


Created in 2002, EFDI is an international non-profit association.
The purpose of the Association is to contribute to the stability of financial systems by strengthening the role of Deposit Guarantee Schemes (DGSs) and Investor Compensation Schemes (ICSs) and promoting European cooperation in the field of deposit insurance.
The Association shall represent the common interests of the Members, exchange information, experiences and views, provide analysis, assessment and recommendations in its field of expertise, and collaborate with EU, national, supranational and international institutions.

70 Members Institutions ▪ 57 Deposit Guarantee Schemes ▪ 13 Investor Compensation Schemes ▪ 48 countries from enlarged Europe
Website: www.efdi.eu ▪ Tweeter: @EFDI_Forum
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Deposit Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is established by the Law on Deposit Insurance in Banks of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Agency is an independent, non-profit, legal entity with full authority under the Law of the State.
Primary task of the Deposit Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to provide for protection of deposits (“eligible deposit” represents the aggregate of all assets deriving from deposits, savings accounts or bank certificates deposited by a depositor in a Member Bank) of natural persons and legal entities in Member Banks in accordance with the Law on Deposit Insurance in Banks of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
At the moment the insured deposit amount to BAM 50.000,00. The Agency has in total 23 Member Banks in its deposit insurance program
Website: http://www.aod.ba ▪ email: aod@bih.net.ba
PRESS CONTACT : Sanja Stankovic-Trubajic – sanja_stankovic@aod.ba ▪ T : 00 387 51 223 440 ▪ Postal address: Vase Pelagića 11a, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina