Who's who


Chair: Thierry Dissaux (France)

Underlying activities

EU Committee Meeting

Leader:  Andras Fekete-Gyor (EFDI Secretary General)

  • policy of the Association concerning the legislation of the European Union on deposit insurance, investor compensation and resolution of financial services firms;
  • submission of any document regarding the policy of the Association to the European Commission or any other institution of or related to the European Union;
  • disclosure of any discussion regarding the policy of the Association to the European Commission or any other institution of or related to the European Union;
  • representation of or engagement by the Association vis-à-vis the European Commission or any other institution of or related to the European Union with respect to the policy of the Association.

3 physical meetings/ year 

DGSD Implementation Initiative (D2I WG)

Leaders: Jan Böttcher (Germany)/ Thierry Dissaux (France) / Sven Stevenson (Netherlands)/ Petre Tulin (Romania)

  • issuing a "state of play" for DGSD2 2019 review
  • sharing of experiences in implementing DGSD2, drafting of non-binding guidance
  • interactions with other WGs for risk-based contributions, stress tests, H2C...

3 physical meetings/ year (if possible with EU Committee)

Cross-Border Working Committee (CBWG)

Leader: Petre Tulin

  • data collection
  • sharing of cross-border experiences/ real cases practices and issues
  • annual update of H2C Multilateral Cooperation Agreement and Rulebook
  • harmonisation of bilateral agreements
  • drafting of non-binding guidance (if any)

1 or 2 physical meetings/year + calls

H2C thematic sub-groups

  • COMMUNICATION / Zuzana Smrcinova (Czech Republic) and Sylvie Derozières (France)
  • FINANCE / Antoaneta Geala (Romania)and Arnaud Schangel (France)
  • LEGAL / Ana Lillo Cervantes (Spain) and Clara Cohen (France)
  • OPERATIONS / Ivy Jeunken (Netherlands) and  Harpreet Likhari (UK)

Banking Union Working Group (BUWG)

Leaders: Jan Böttcher (Germany) and Sven Stevenson (Netherlands)

  • state of play on EDIS
  • concerns, needs and wishes of members vis-à-vis an integrated eurozone DGS
  • possible recommendations of members for authorities’ acceleration H2-2017/H1-2018



Chair: Istvan Toth (Hungary)

  • promoting exchange of information as well as professional experiences within members of EFDI
  • supporting members by harmonizing PR efforts of DGS’s;
  • providing support to EFDI regarding for public presence.

3 physical meetings/ year 



Chair: Riccardo Di Lisa (Italy)

  • to carry out applied empirical research on topics and issues of EFDI common interests.
  • to carry out ad-hoc research requested by the other EFDI WGs
  • currently.

Underlying activities

Data Base

Leader: Riccardo Di Lisa (Italy)

  • to design, collect and analyze data and operational practices among EFDI members in order to have updated figures of EFDI world and to support with data the other EFDI WG works.

Risk-based contributions

Leaders: Ralf Benna (Germany)and Bernd Bretschneider (Germany)

  • to continue the exchange of experience between European DGS’es on rbc-topics
  • to conduct questionnaires concerning “contribution-topics” (e.g. on the topic “proportionality between financial means and potential liabilities with effect on contributions”)
  • to track the discussions on EU-level (e.g. the AHWP Banking Union, or EBA or EU-commission) concerning “contribution topics” and the IDAI-activities in this topic.



Leader: Alex Kuczynski (UK)

  • sharing the plans for the DGS stress test cycle – whether for 2 or 5 years
  • shared calendar of the testing to be carried put
  • exchange of test plans
  • reporting of lessons learnt, and tips for testing eg. call centres, data/SCV
  • engagement with the European Banking Authority
  • ad hoc queries

3 physical meetings/ year 



Leader: Karen Gibbons (UK)

  • promoting exchange of experience between European Investor Compensation Schemes (ICS)
  • developing best practices for ICS members
  • liaison with international ICS colleagues
  • aim to act as the go-to organization on investor compensation matters for European organisations, such as the European Commission and ESMA
  • aim to research one or two topics of interest to ICS members per annum

3 physical meetings/ year