What we do

EFDI’s main objective is to contribute to the stability of financial systems by enhancing the role of, and promoting European and International co-operation in deposit insurance and investor compensation, facilitating discussion and exchange of experiences and expertise among its members.

To this effect, EFDI offers a platform for, among others:

  • The development of best practice on topics of common interest and concern;
  • The research and collection of data on deposit insurance and investor compensation;
  • The research of cross-border circumstances including possibilities for better collaboration and cooperation among members;
  • The research and further development of the practical application of the EU Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes.
In order to support the objectives of EFDI, the Board can establish working groups and committees.

As the majority of EFDI's membership is from EU and EEA countries (or countries aspiring membership), many of EFDI’s activities are related to developments at European Union level. This is most clearly expressed in the fact that the most important and only statutory working body is the EU Committee. The EU Committee is tasked with the elaboration of statements on relevant EU legislative projects and representation of EFDI vis-à-vis the European authorities.

There are six other working groups and committees to deal with specific technical issues, e.g. in the fields of:

  • PR and Communication
  • Banking Union
  • Cooperative Financial Institutions
  • Crisis Management (restructuring and liquidation of credit institutions)
  • Investor Compensation Schemes
  • Research

In addition, ad hoc working groups may be established to deal with specific priority issues.

EFDI regularly organizes workshops and conferences for its members on technical and regulatory issues related to deposit insurance, crisis management and investor compensation.

EFDI has also been collaborating with the European Commission’s JRC for many years in the collection of data and analysis of research questions related to deposit insurance.