Social media

Rules for using social media

An exchange of views with you is important for us at EFDI, and we look forward to receiving feedback and questions. We want to encourage a culture of good, constructive discussion that is enjoyable for all concerned. This is why we have drafted rules. These apply to all interactive and dialogue-based online formats operated by the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI) on its own websites and in social networks as well as on other internet platforms on which EFDI has a significant influence.

Data protection

Please bear in mind for your own sake: internal, confidential or secret information has no place on the internet. No matter which platform you use, you should never disclose personal contact or account details. Except for an e-mail address – should you wish to provide one to establish contact with us – we will never ask you for such data.

Please note that communication of data on the internet may suffer from security loopholes. We cannot guarantee complete protection of data against access by third parties.

EFDI collects data on the use of its websites. In addition, the websites incorporate social plugins of various providers allowing these to, in turn, save and pass on personalised data. For more details, please see our data protection guidelines.

Copyright to comments

Copyright to comments generally remains with the author. Please note that EFDI has no way of preventing any infringements of copyright through the dissemination of comments by third parties without the author’s consent and cannot be made liable for these.

Tone and netiquette

We look forward to dialoguing with you! Generally speaking, all contributions are welcome, since diversity of opinion is the lifeblood of dialogue. At the same time, it goes without saying that a polite tone and an atmosphere fostering good, constructive discussion are important. To ensure this, please obey the following rules:

1.    Treat other users as you would like to be treated yourself.

2.    Always remember that you are dealing with real people and not virtual figures. That goes for both other commentators and the EFDI’s authors.

3.    Feel free to argue in a hard-hitting way, but never be personally insulting. Respect other people’s opinions.

4.    Write your posts in English only so that they are easier to understand for all users. We reserve the right to delete posts in other languages.

5.    Off-topic comments (i.e. comments that obviously have nothing to do with the topic) or automatically produced posts are not allowed.

6.    Post only contributions of your own. If you quote third parties, please make this clear and indicate the authors and sources in each case. Please refrain  – not least for legal reasons – from using third-party content and links to other websites or from indicating personal third-party data (e.g. name, telephone numbers, addresses or bank account details)

7.    Avoid any kind of advertising and any other form of commercial use.

In everyone’s interest, we reserve the right to delete posts or report them as spam if they fail to comply with these rules, disrupt good, constructive discussion, contravene laws, infringe the rights of third parties or display insulting, discriminatory, racist, sexist, anti-constitutional or otherwise unacceptable content. The same goes for names/pseudonyms and user profile photos. In the event of serious breaches of these rules, the IP address(es) concerned may, where technically possible, be denied access to our platforms.

We reserve the right to close discussions and deactivate comment functions. We shall specifically draw attention to this and the reasons in individual cases.

Editorial team and office hours

The EFDI Secretariat looks after our platforms Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to
5 pm. While we try to respond to your questions, suggestions or criticism as quickly as possible, please note that, depending on the subject and timing of a post, this may take a while.

Personal responsibility/liability

Every user is responsible for his/her posts himself/herself. All posts reflect the author’s own opinion.

EFDI cannot therefore assume any liability for the accuracy, up-to-dateness and completeness of the information in posts and on websites to which these may refer or for due observance of copyright and other rights held by third parties.

Please also see in this connection EFDI's site Notice