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EFDI at Twitter

EFDI started twittering in August 2015. EFDI uses Twitter not only as a distribution platform, but also as an tool to build up a network to share information.


Twitter has its own rules – on how to reply or how direct messaging works. EDFI, too, has drafted some rules of its own on how it tweets, e.g. at what times and on what topics. Please read on to learn more.

What rules apply to Twitter?

We look forward to your tweets, questions and comments, since interaction with you is what makes Twitter truly interesting. We want to have a climate that fosters good, constructive discussion. For this reason, we reserve the right, in the interest of all users, to block Twitter users who disrupt such discussion or to report their posts as spam.

What topics does EFDI tweet on?

Copyright to posts remains with the author. Please note that the EFDI has no way of preventing any infringements of copyright through the dissemination of comments by third parties without the author’s consent and cannot be held liable for these.

How can I get talking to EFDI via Twitter?

Write to us – on Twitter, that’s quite easy: either by clicking on “Reply” in every tweet (important: this message is public) or by direct messaging. To be able to use the latter function, you first need to follow our account, however.

What happens if I “favourite” or “retweet” EFDI tweets?

Favouriting is the equivalent of bookmarking in the internet browser. You favourite tweets if you like them and if you want to find them again easily later. If you click on “Favourite”, this is then shown on the left of the tweet by a golden-yellow corner tag and by the yellow star that you see if you move the mouse over the tweet. If you favourite tweets, the sender is notified of this in his/her interaction profile. To “unfavourite” a tweet, just click again on the star. The star loses its colour and the tweet is longer favourited. For more details, use Twitter’s “Help” function.

When you retweet, the tweet is forwarded to the Twitter users who follow your messages (your “followers”). They can read it even if they don’t follow the actual sender. You can undo retweets by clicking on “Retweet” again.

When you click on “Reply” in tweets, you send a message to the sender. Important: this message is public! It starts with the addressee’s Twitter handle (e.g. “@EFDI_Forum”). In this way, Twitter can see whom the message is intended for. Our account is notified and we can reply to you.

Who tweets at EFDI?

Dirk Cupei (Cu), EFDI Chairman, Juliane Seiter (Sei), EFDI Secretariat, and Thomas Schlüter (Sch), EFDI Spokesman, tweet via @EFDI_Forum Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 5 pm. So that you know who is tweeting on our behalf at any given moment, we write a personal name abbreviation after every tweet.

I don’t get any reply/I get a late reply to tweets to EDFI – why?

Please bear in mind that our editorial team is only there for you Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 5 pm, and that we therefore cannot answer all tweets promptly.

Who does this account belong to?

The European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI) twitters on this account. For further details, please see our site notice.

We have no other active official EFDI account apart from this one at present. Should you discover further accounts, please contact @EFDI_Forum or e-mail us at