About EFDI


Established in 2002, under the Belgian law, the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI) is an international non-profit association. The purpose of EFDI is to contribute to the stability of financial systems by strengthening the role of deposit guarantee schemes (DGSs) and investor compensation schemes (ICSs) as well as promoting European cooperation in these fields.

EFDI represents the common interests of the Members, exchanges information, experiences and views, provides analysis, assessment and recommendations in its field of expertise, and collaborates with EU, national, supranational and international institutions.

EFDI currently has 72-member institutions (Deposit Insurance Schemes and Investment Compensation Schemes) from 47 countries located in Europe or in a Member State of the Council of Europe.



EFDI gives support to members to fulfill their mandate of protecting depositors in a banking crisis by enhancing their system through the common knowledge base of the association.

Furthermore, EFDI’s important mission is to contribute to reinforce regional financial stability. In doing this, the association is relying on its Members vast practical experience, which appear in the various reports and non-binding guidance papers being published by EFDI.

EFDI furthers interaction with the EU authorities and institutions responsible for maintaining a safe and sound financial system across Europe.

EFDI also participates in the refinement of the EU-wide deposit guarantee systems legislation.



In the diversity which is characterizing Europe, EFDI is contributing to better depositor protection in the EU by building on practitioners’ experience.